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  1. I have attended this course to prepare for my MCCQE2 exam , I had high expectations which were definitely met , the course is great allows lots of practice and time to improve on hands on skills . The preceptor is always up to date , uses evidence based medicine and new protocols that meet the Canadian standards .not only that but Sara ensures that your communication skills Stands up the North American culture. I passed with a very high score

  2. Dear Sara and Dr. Jose,
    Since I consider you part of my medical journey, I just want to Thank you so much for your help. see you in August.

    Federico Pampaloni, MD, FRCSC
    Minimally Invasive Surgery
    Clinical Fellow – Trauma
    General Surgery
    McMaster University
    Hamilton, Ontario

  3. This course enhanced my knowledge in all possible ways,I am thankful to Sara for her great efforts and great help in communication skills.Hats off to Dr.Jose,he has changed my attitude for an OSCE exam.Highly professionals and trained SPs and their feedback was an add to support in gaining skills.
    It’s a must for all struggling IMGs.
    Thanks to whole team.

  4. Fortunately, PASSED the LMCC .I’ve been accepted to CAPP program in Nova Scotia. I’d like to thank you for all your efforts which helped me to get in this program. Your preparation course gave me the enough confidence to interact with real SPs. Also the unique way of the approach (focused history taking and new skills for physical exam) that I learned from your class helped me to stand out from the crowd. Again, thanks for all your program has done. Best Wishes,

  5. The course addresses the major weaknesses we IMG’s struggle with in OSCE The SP’S are highly skilled with excellent feedback. Dr. Jose simplifies the OSCE encounters with up to date information and Canadian guidelines that are very relevant to successful clinical encounters. Through him I really understood what focus clinical exam means. Sara’s long experience in communication skills was extremely helpful in simplifying communication, which is very important in OSCE exams. I very highly recommend this course.

  6. This has been a tremendously helpful course in helping me pass my exam! The actors were professional and helpful. The course organisers provides great constructive feedbacks. I definitely recommend this course!
    Family Physician GTA

  7. joined The Bridge to Clinical Communication Skills course to help me in my preparation for my exam . I am so glad that I joined here, as this course was just the right thing for me! This course provided four invaluable ingredients essential to get top scores in the exam and active practice excellent guidance on Canadian health care ethics (very essential to get high scores), high quality experienced actors as standardized patients to rehearse at every session, access to latest resource materials; and demonstration and opportunity to practice correct examination techniques.This course allowed me to get well versed with the work ethics in Canadian Health Care, which not only helped in taking the exam confidently, but also will be invaluable in my future clinical practice. Sara’s personalized and constructive feedback highly improved the way every candidate presented themselves to the patients and the examiners. The pattern of the course is highly practical and the instructors, Sara and Jose, strive to do everything possible to help you fare your best in the exam. They invite highly trained actors as standardized patients, and the quality of their acting is amazing. The candidates interact with the SPs in a timed fashion as in the actual exam and are given live feedback “on the spot” after the case is done. It was just like a mock exam everyday and that helped me get rid of my fear of exam performance. Jose was always up-to-date with latest guidelines and never hesitated to go an extra mile in providing all the current and right resources to study. I learnt all the basic examinations necessary for the exam and he was committed to have everyone in the course excel at performing the different examination techniques.
    In short, I would highly recommend The Bridge to Clinical Communication Skills course to all the International Medical Graduates aiming to enter the Canadian Health Care System. Sara and Jose, thank you so much in helping me sail through this challenge successfully!
    Ophthalmologist (Ottawa)

  8. Sara I would like to say thank for your support ,
    understanding and arm’s length and warm welcoming to all of our IMGs . I appreciate every second you spend listening to me and supporting my steps as I moved forward in my IMG journey . The transparency and the warmth you have in your heart it’s your strength which instilled our faith in you as we explore our IMG destiny .I want to say proudly , your insight and your motivation. It was a privilege
    I hope one day I would be able to give back to you , to your program and to our IMG family .
    Dr. Mohammad Hussein , M.B.Ch.B , FS , MD , FAAP, Consultant Paediatrician & Paediatric Gastroenterologist & Clinical Nutrition
    Thank you

  9. I am truly grateful for your invaluable help and guidance. I could not have managed to get this far if not for your kind words of encouragement and the help from the Bridge .Thank you for everything
    Dr Sana
    Family Medicine.Queen’s University.Kingston.Ontario

  10. It was my third attempt at this most difficult exam of MCC and to my rescue came my friend who introduced me to BTCCSC. It was difficult to travel from eastern Canada to all the way to Hamilton & stay there for 4 weeks but at the end after many days filled with anxiety and no hope I woke up with Jose’s message that results are out. For the first time, during this course, Jose & Sara’s guidance opened my eyes to many secret facts that what is expected of an IMG from Canadian medical practice perspective.
    I have no words to explain the whole experience, you need to be there to feel the difference.
    “Rabb Rakha dosto”

  11. hI,
    I have recently attended Bridge to clinical Skills Hamilton course…This is an excellent foundation for IMGs who want to crack NAC OSE/QE2.
    Traveling to Hamilton and taking this course is really worth every dollar spent on it.The dedication of the training doctor is amazing.He takes pains to make you understand the intricacies of history and physical exam in nac osce/QE2. We get to practice on dozens of different and amazing SPs.Sara is a great help assistant for communication skills and language.
    To any IMG, who is still considering which course to take, I will recommend this nac/qe2 prep course without an iota of hesitation.
    -IMG in Manitoba

  12. I found this course to be structured, focused and comprehensive. It built up my confidence to pass through the Canadian OSCE examination. Sara and Jose (the course clinical preceptor) were very helpful and friendly with their mentoring, constructive comments and feedbacks. Furthermore, they were up to date and taught us evidence based medicine. Thanks to Sara who helped us in learning the culture and the proper communication skills to succeed in the examination and the real life as a physician. More over, the standard patients were professional simulators and their valuable advises improved further our performance. Jose and Sara invited us to attend extra free hours and days to practice and strengthen our weakness with direct one to one observation and further training. It is highly recommended course. All the best.

  13. It was a great learning experience. I cant thank sara and Jose enough for giving us the most valuable tips that helped in passing the exam. And the extra hours on weekends were a bonus. It helped a lot in building confidence and competence.
    Matched in pediatrics (McMaster)

    Thanks Sara and Jose

  14. The Bridge was a great opportunity for me to work with experienced SPs and also receive feedback on my interviewing skills from experts on communication skills and clinical skills .Feedback from the Faculty and on the medical content was the best guide for me to learn how to organize my interview time in order to collect necessary information from patient as much as possible.This great experience helped me a lot.As an IMD, I highly recommend this program which has the best insight through what IMDs need to be successful all the way through residency match.
    Dr. Ramya, McMaster University.Family Medicine

  15. The Bridge was a great help Thank you so much, I got accepted for residency in Psychiatry.The
    Dr.Azadeh McMaster University.Hamilton

  16. Thank you Sara for your help and support , I am happy doing Oncology radiology after years of struggling in Canada.

  17. I would like to say thank you to Bridge to Communication skills Canada and special thanks to Jose and Sara that helped me and and made me absolutely ready for the exams so I could pass QE2 and NAC-OSCE with high scores on the first try. I highly recommand this course to all candidates who want to not only pass the exams but also to achieve high scores. Facing standard patients and well designed scenarios during the course provides excellent opportunity to practice, learn and deal with real exams. Infact, this course helps candidates build up their confidence, knowledge and time management all together which is not found in other courses. Attending Bridge to Communication skills Canada was one of the greatest chances that I have ever had during my academic life in Canada.

  18. So I took this course a few weeks before my exam………..having noticed the superior history taking and physical examination skills of my study partners who had taken this course. This act of desperation was in an attempt to not cancel my exam!!
    Prior to this i had taken another very popular course which turned out to be utter garbage hence my frustration and consternation where this hugely important exam was concerned.
    It was refreshing to stumble upon this well organized course taught not only by Jose,a medic who is the clinical preceptor, but also Sara, a speech and language expert on hand to aid us IMGs AS WELL AS numerous trained SPs. You could immediately tell they do not skimp on resources.
    You get a real sense of what it’s like to be in the exam,nerves and all included.
    Each class is like doing a mock exam and it’s sooo helpful to have that experience so many times just before the exam in addition,there is immediate feedback to correct the error of your ways early on
    My only regret is that i wish i had done this course sooner and had time to go back for review sessions that Jose does just prior to the exam. This course is well worth the time and $$$ as the teachers actually care about your performance and that is palpable……..Jose is not one to ‘watch the clock’ and kick you out,he ensures each student has a good understanding of and is able to do the examination of the day correctly and in its entirety. The rest is up to you to practise.
    Jose also keeps abreast of medical advancements and is happy to impart this information ‘hot off the press’.’
    Your preparation after doing this course will definitely become solid and others will notice the change in your history and examinations. You will leave the doorsteps armed with the knowledge and most importantly the confidence that is VITAL to doing well in this exam. Is it any wonder nobody talks about it?!
    I will definitely be returning for QE 2 as even current canadian residents have been attending these courses. That in itself says ALOT!


  19. This course helped me suceed in the exam. I would say that is has covered all the clinical skills needed to pass the clinical and also physical exam stations. Sara and Jose are able to point our weakness in a very gentle way and help us overcome our difficulties. Thank you very much !
    Pathology U Laval, QC

  20. Thanks Sara and Jose for all of your help as well! This would not have happened .Jose ,your tough love is well received! Looking back, I am glad that you have pushed us to do all the practice.
    Pediatrics PGY4 University of Western Ontario

  21. This course was highly recommended by a friend who completed it and aced clinical skills and also by a physician I was shadowing. Like most IMG/grads I was worried about taking the Nac OSCE, but by the end of the course I was confident and well prepared.

    Sara and Jose care about each of their students, elevate their strengths and work hard to correct areas where they are not as strong. All of the information learned in the course was up to date, the standardized patients were fantastic and alleviated the stress of interacting with standardized patients during the actual exam. I scored very well, my clinical exam skills have never been sharper and I have met some really great friends.

    Thank you.
    Family medicine TX.USA

  22. I am an IMG from the UK. I graduated in 1999, which was the last time I took an OSCE until recently. English is my first language. Before taking this course I failed the MCCQE Part 2 once. After much research online I found this course, it looked like the best one. I also attended 3 other courses. I wasn’t going to fail twice! What I can say is this is the only course I would recommend. It is in a class of its own. Nowhere will you get a learning environment so close to exam conditions (which is what you need), or the variety of and feedback from actual working professional standardised patients. Also the teachers are experts in clinical communication skills and clinical technique. Their feedback, support and learning environment got me 100 points higher than on my first attempt. I can see they care and enjoy their work. I easily passed, am hugely relieved, grateful, and have a smile on my face as I write this. Simply put this course is the best one for the job.
    Family physician

  23. This course provided me with the essential knowledge and skills to pass my MCCQE2. The clinical knowledge base is well balanced in breadth and depth. I was personally impressed by Sara’s natural way of teaching communication skills and Dr. Jose’s teaching approach. He uses the most up-to-date Canadian guidelines. The Can MED principles required from a practising physician in Canada is incorporated in the course, making the course highly effective in preparing me for the exam. In my opinion, Dr. Jose’s dedication, stamina, and genuine interest in maximizing each candidate’s potential was the cornerstone of the course. He does his best to tailor the course to the individuals’s needs. There was plenty of hands on practice with SPs, and high yield clinical pearls. The professional SPs are highly trained, and their genuine feedback was extremely helpful to recognize my areas of strength and weakness, in order to improve my OSCE skills. Last but not the lease, Sarah’s gentle and highly effective feedback helped me improve my communication skills throughput the course. All in all, I highly recommend this course to any IMG physician who wants to improve their OSCE performance.
    Thank you
    Dr. HK
    PGY 4, Neurology

  24. I had met Dr Jose two weeks prior to my exam. Even though I was not able to attend his course physically; it did not stop him from teaching me. Even with just two weeks left, he found a way to fit me into his tight schedule around his classes. We had multiple video conferences where he would directly observe and provide constructive criticism along with feedback on how to improve. Another thing I would like to say, my friend that I was practicing with (who is not planning to take the exam) was so impressed with his clinical teaching that he wanted to enroll in the course just to learn. I think this speaks volumes about Dr Jose’s character and mannerisms. He was very positive and motivational throughout the whole process. I can imagine how much more beneficial the live course would’ve been. Thank you and god bless you!

  25. Being an IMG in this country can be very lonely and discouraging. But this class saved me. Jose and darling Sara are very warm and welcoming. The classes are aimed at building your confidence and competence dealing with social issues/cues that tend to get in the way with IMGs. And of course the most up-to-date information about treatments in Canada..not the US, not the UK…CANADA! They encourage diversity, and make us students work together. Be prepared for late nights! It\’s worth it! I passed the MCQE2 and I would not have done it without this group.
    Thank you xx

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